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Farming in Rocky Hill 

Need Pics of:

Backiel Farm

Meisterling Farm




Gilbert Farm Rocky Hill, CT 

-------------------- Farming in Rocky Hill 2017--------------------- 

updated 6/4/17

How many farms in 2017?

Send me a pic of your farm if I missed it @

Sunny Farm Rocky Hill, CT 

CT's earliest agricultural community 1284 AD

The First Farmers

Fair Weather Acres Rocky Hill, CT 

10 Farms in Rocky Hill, CT 1988

52 Farms in Rocky Hill, CT 1945

18 Farms in Rocky Hill, CT 1960

The Morgan Dig 1977, the Great Meadows, Rocky Hill, CT

There are about 1000 acres of land in the Rocky Hill Great Meadows.

Hayes Farm Rocky Hill, CT 

The Great Meadows-"Every child should have the experience of standing at the end of a row of beans, knowing that they have to pick them." Brian Goodrich