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2011-2012 Volunteers clean Dividend Open Space

Beginning in 2011, Rocky Hill volunteers, Boy Scouts , Girl Scouts led by RHHS members spent hundreds of hours clearing trash, brush and debris to prepare for a park.  

1973 - Town Takes Ownership of Dividend Open Space

The town of Rocky Hill obtained the Dividend land from Bigelow-Sanford Inc. for $1 and consideration of Rocky Hill paying the taxes that Bigelow Sanford owed to the town.

2004 - Residents Vote to Save Dividend as Open Space

In response to an attempt by the town to sell Dividend Open Space,
Rocky Hill residents lobbied, voted and overwhelmingly passed a town referendum, which set aside these 68 acres as open space in perpetuity.

June's first blaze. Go find it!

2006 - Dividend Open Space Becomes a State Archaeological Preserve 

After four years of research by June Cooke of the Rocky Hill Historical Society, and review by the State Historic Preservation Office, Dividend was designated as a State Archaeological Preserve and named Dividend Brook Industrial Archaeological District. It is listed on the State Historic Register.  

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June Cooke  1932-2015

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June 2, 2012 Grand Opening

Dividend Ponds Trails and Archaeological District
Dividend Pond Trails officially became a town park at its Grand Opening on Connecticut Trails Day, June 2, 2012.  June Cooke’s great grandchildren cut the ribbon.

June moved to Arizona and was not present for the Grand Opening of Dividend. She never saw the finished park, but her grandchildren (bottom right) cut the ribbon.Thanks June.

1667–1900s Water Power at Dividend

From 1667 to the early 1900s Rocky Hill’s water-powered industrial park
flourished, producing shears, chisels, hoes, toys, chandeliers, horseshoes, lumber and more. Within this park you will find 10 archaeological sites
4 dams and two mill ponds.

2002 - Three  archaeological digs were conducted at the former Butler-Sugden Shear Factory by Rocky Hill resident and RHHS member June Cooke (right)  and the Friends of the Office of the State Archaeology. June researched from 2002-2006, then wrote Dividend, Rocky Hill's First Industrial Complex.