​Rocky Hill Historical Society

snail mail: P.O. Box 185

​​​phone: (860) 563-6704

   Nonprofit 501 (C) (3)

Article III - Function

Section 1. The function of this Society is to discover and collect materials of historical significance, including printed materials, manuscripts, pictures, photographs and material objects illustrative of life and activities in the town, both past and present.

Section 2. The Society shall provide for the preservation of any collected artifacts and encourage the preservation of historic town buildings, monuments and markers.

Section 3. The Society shall make efforts to make any collected artifacts accessible to those who wish to examine and study them.

Section 4. The Society shall make efforts to disseminate historical information through meetings, events and publications.

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Sec. 6. Museum Committee

The Museum Committee is charged with collecting, cataloguing and the storage of all Society artifacts, including necessary cleaning and repairs.  The Museum Committee shall also arrange museum exhibits and collaborate with the Building, Program and Publicity Committees as necessary.  The Museum Committee shall also set the compensation structure for the Museum Custodial Staff.

email: infoRHhistory@gmail.com​

Academy Hall Museum 785 Old Main Street Rocky Hill, CT 06067​        

History of a River Town and its People